Southern Heritage Assisted Opening Knife

Southern Heritage Assisted Opening Knife
Southern Heritage Assisted Opening Knife
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The flag that adorns this handle is NOT the "Confederate Flag." It is the "Battle Flag of Northern Virginia." Due to Robert E. Lee’s stunning victories in 1862–63 made his army’s battle flag the popular choice as the new national flag. After the war Southerners began using the Confederate flag as a memorial symbol for fallen heroes. This flag runs deep in Southern Heritage just as our Nation’s Flag runs deep in our American history. It deserves respect for the sacrifices made underneath it. The handle has been constructed from zinc aluminum with a steel frame. The end of the handle is equipped with a place to add your knife to your keys and just above that a bottle opener because you never know when you might need a cold one. The blade comes in under 2 inches making it California legal. It is made from stainless steel with a satin finish, thumb stud, and flicker. It also come equipped with a steel pocket clip on the back or the dual purpose of a money clip. Be proud of who and where you came from with the Southern Heritage Assisted Opening Knife.

Red represented the valor of the Confederacy. White represents purity. Blue represents justice as well as the perseverance and determination of the people. The Stars represent each of the states in the Confederacy. What looks like an X on the "Confederate Jack" is actually the cross of Saint Andrew. Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus who later in life became a martyr. When the Roman government set about his crucifixion, Andrew protested. It is reported he asked to be crucified in the form of the X as he didn't feel worthy to die in the same manner of Jesus. The Confederate leadership apparently felt inspired by Andrew's fortitude and adopted his cross into their flag.